Become a Volunteer

Thinking about volunteering?

Here are 5 reasons why it’s awesome:

1. Be a part of the solution:

You will join a network of local volunteers working to make the Ottawa region safe and more humane for all animals. You will make a positive impact within the rescue community by spreading the message of responsible pet ownership and animal protection, you’ll become a part of the solution to help save lives.

2. Gain experience:

Whether you’re volunteering at a fundraising event, or transporting an animal to a foster home or a medical appointment, you are gaining experience that will benefit your life at home or work. Teenagers and young adults interested in the rescue community can become better acquainted with animals, experience a set schedule of responsibilities, and gain a reference for an employment or college application. Working individuals may include their volunteering experience on their resume or incorporate it into their work-related events and charitable causes. Whether you’re unemployed, working full-time or working part-time, this is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a vital team working for a worthy cause. The Avery Foundation is authorized to sign off on volunteer hours for high school.

3. Meet new people:

You will be surrounded by people who love animals and share the same passion for compassion. This widens your social circle and incorporates kind-hearted people into your life that share your interest in helping animals. You never know, you may meet a lifelong friend!

4. Improve your mood and health:

Volunteering in a feel-good activity gives a sense of satisfaction for helping people or animals. It can help lower stress levels, increase happiness, make you feel appreciated, and so many more benefits. In 2007, a study reported in Natural Health magazine stated that 95 percent of volunteers said they gained a “helper’s high” — a feeling of euphoria and energy.

5. Being a part of a hard working team:

Non-profit organizations rely on donations and volunteers to stay open. The Avery Foundation could not survive without the help of our hard working coordinators. You could be a part of our dedicated team – that one extra hand that helps another pet get adopted, seeks donations or encourages a new person to volunteer. Animals are in constant need of help, and more people are needed every day to save as many lives as possible.

Sound like fun? If you are interested in contributing to a good cause, please fill out the application below. If you have any questions before applying, please us an email:

The Avery Foundation is very devoted to their organization. They spend most of their spare time to help animals in need! I encourage you to get involved by offering your help. It may just be to drive or pickup an animal to/from the clinic since some fosters do not own vehicles.