Our Team

The Avery Foundation is a volunteer-based and foster-run rescue organization, serving the city of Ottawa and surrounding region. We are a growing team of coordinators that are committed to helping animals in need.

Here at The Avery Foundation, we work together as a team and are very proud of the dynamic perseverance we have fostered throughout the years. Our amazing coordinators all bring unique skills and experience to the organization, which allows us to focus on saving more lives and providing amazing service to our adopters, fosters and volunteers.


President and Founder
Jenna Tregwin
Jenna oversees all operations within the organization. She's a jack-of-all-trades! She is involved in every part of the organization, from arranging events and processing adoption applications to transporting animals (basically anywhere and everywhere) and answering emails, messages, texts, phone calls. When she's not doing any of those things, you will still find her on her cell phone as she's a social media junkie! She shares a home with 3 furry felines and her partner.
Executive Director
Darcy Daoust
Darcy started as our east end foster coordinator in November, 2014. She has also been a reliable foster home and adopted her first 3 foster cats (yes THREE), which we don't have a problem with! She is now the Executive Director of TAF and helps manage the organization alongside Jenna. Darcy is still our Lead Foster Coordinator and also oversees the finances. Her responsibilities include answering emails and inquiries, performing home checks, transporting animals to and from veterinary appointments, dropping off supplies to foster families, etc.
Operations Manager
Krystal Kelly
Krystal manages the back-end of the organization. You can find her updating the rescue database, managing veterinary appointments for recently adopted animals, and oversees our vet statements. She works closely with our partners and team members to ensure the organization is running efficiently. Krystal is animal crazy like the rest of us. She lives with a dog, cat and even a bunny!
Alumni Manager
Leah Wilkinson
Leah is our Alumni Manager and the go-to-gal for all adoption related bizz! If you've recently welcomed a new pet into your family, or take lots of cute photos and funny videos, Leah wants them! We care about our adopters and want to ensure everything is running smoothly, so Leah checks in 1 week, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after the adoption. She's also one of our very first adopters when we "set up shop" in 2013. She adopted a sweet and spunky calico cat named Harlem.
Assistant Marketing Coordinator
Anna Johann
Anna was our main events coordinator from 2014-2015 while living in Ottawa. After relocating back home to Germany, she insisted on staying apart of the team. Anna is involved with anything she is capable of handling while living overseas. Mainly, she ensures our social media pages are constantly updated and lends a helping hand to our events team. Anna lives with her husband, their son, Mattis, a chocolate lab named Gracie and two quiet cats in a small German town.
Lead Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Emma Myers
Emma is one of our Lead Events Coordinator. She organizes fundraisers such as online auctions, garage sales, adoption events, etc. Emma establishes and fosters relationships with local business owners and answers any inquiries about events and fundraisers. She is also in charge of wrangling up volunteers for our events. Emma adopted her first dog from TAF in the summer of 2017.
Marketing Manager
Katie Collard
Katie has been involved with the Avery Foundation since the beginning; with hands in rescuing cat and volunteering at events to business development planning. She has officially joined our team with big plans to streamline marketing and fundraising efforts in order to grow and strengthen the rescue. Katie curates online and social media content, SEO, and the occasional cat-rescue-op.
Katie is a foster fail to the ever so loud, but loving, Minnie.
Lead Events Coordinator
Natasha Saikali
Natasha is the other Lead Events Coordinator. This quirky gal will be the first to chat up a storm at any event. Natasha also establishes and fosters relationships with local business owners. You can find her at any of our event tables, proudly sharing information about our pets and the organization. She is also cat crazy and owns two handsome devils.
Social Media Guru
Alex Dodd
Alex has been a dedicated TAF volunteer for over a year. She is responsible for managing the online listings of our adoptable animals and ensures Facebook and our website is up to date with the latest information. Alex also collects photos, videos and biographies in order to promote our pets on social media. In addition, she even organizes and creates our monthly newsletter! That's a lot of internet for one gal. And that's right, you guessed it.. she lives with three cats (two are foster fails from TAF!)
Lead Designer
Sylvia Heney
Sylvia creates all of our design work. Such as posters, business cards, advertising materials, you name it! You can find more of her fabulous work on her website: www.eyebrightdesigns.ca, and if you love what you see, send her an email!