Fostering Process

We strive to create a rewarding experience when fostering with us. If there is anything we can improve on to help facilitate the fostering process, do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage an open line of communication and will make time to discuss any issues over the phone. We encourage you to take your time deciding if fostering is best for you and your family. Foster homes are the backbone to our organization, however it is a big responsibility. We require foster families for dogs in training, sick pets, feral cats, etc. We search for experienced foster parents, or families that are willing to commit and learn to ensure our pets are in safe and loving hands before they get adopted. If you have any more questions, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Please read the fostering process before applying:

  • An application must be filled out.
  • Once we have received the application, we will review your answers and if we agree that you are suitable for fostering, we will schedule a date and time to perform a home check and interview.
  • During this time we will sign the fostering contract and discuss the animal that will be in your care. If you live with a roommate who will also be caring for the pet, there must be consent from both parties. All roommates are required to sign the fostering contract as well.

These 3 steps are important to ensure that we are placing our rescues in a secure and loving foster home, and they will not be altered or negotiated.


In order to ensure that our animals are going to a suitable foster home, we have created a very detailed application. We understand what the application entails, and we encourage you to take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability. Fostering an animal is a very big responsibility and commitment. We want to ensure that you are certain about fostering and understand the responsibilities that come with it. A foster family is the first home a rescued animal will be placed in. The time and effort a family provides can truly shape an animal and help find his or her forever home. Every question we ask and all of the required steps throughout the fostering process are absolutely necessary and we appreciate that you understand and respect our terms. The Avery Foundation is a volunteer run organization, so please allow us 5-7 days to process an application.


In order that you are prepared for your new foster pet, please ensure your family pets are up to date on all vaccines. When fostering a dog through The Avery Foundation, we suggest that your dog receives the Bordatella vaccination as our rescued K9’s are pulled from shelters, or haven’t received any previous medical attention, and they can be exposed to kennel cough or other contagious illnesses.


  • Applicant states that they would like to foster a pet and make it live in their barn, on a boat, in a car, etc.
  • Applicant plans on allowing the animal to roam/live outdoors, or become an outdoor foster animal.
  • Applicant misleads us by falsifying information on the application.
  • Applicant is disrespectful towards members of The Avery Foundation and does not respect our professional opinions, suggestions and recommendations.
  • Applicant does not commit to schedule visits/meetings after several attempts.
  • Applicant refuses a home check or providing references.
  • Applicant owns other animals that are not spayed/neutered (exception: if veterinarian advised against procedure for medical purposes).
  • Applicant owns animals that are aggressive, hides the animal during a home visit, or misleads the organization.
  • Applicant owns ill animals that are not receiving proper medical treatment recommended by a veterinarian.
  • Applicant’s home is cluttered and unkempt which causes safety and health hazards to animals.
  • Applicant fails to list current or past animals.

I love fostering with The Avery Foundation and wouldn't want to do it with any other organization. I pride these girls on the time, energy, and dedication they put into this non profit organization. One small action can make the biggest difference. We need more people to offer a helping hand and work together to protect our city. They truly do listen to your wants and needs and make the best possible fit for both family and pets. Thank you ladies for all the hard work you do. Good karma is coming your way. Keep it up!