Adoption FAQ

I want to adopt but I don't drive or have a car!

Not to worry! If you’re able to arrange transportation to visit the animal, we can arrange to move the animal into your care following the adoption.

Can we bring our pet to the vet clinic of our choice when getting them neutered/spayed?

The cost of the spay or neuter of your new pet is covered by the adoption fee so long as they are brought to our affiliate veterinary clinic, the Glebe Pet Hospital. If you choose to bring your new companion to another clinic for their spay/neuter it will be at your expense. You will also be required to provide proof that your pet has been spayed/neutered.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

Please refer to our information page: click here.

How do I adopt a pet from you?

Please visit our application page: click here.

Do I need to provide all the information requested on the adoption form?

Yes, the information we require is absolutely necessary in order to find perfect homes for our rescues. We have a strong privacy policy and all of our coordinators have signed a Code of Ethics agreement, which states personal information will not be sold or misused in any way. If you have any questions while filling out one of our forms, feel free to contact us!

Your adoption process seems quite thorough!

We’re glad you mentioned that! We work hard to place our rescues in the right homes, not only for the pet but for the family too. It’s an extremely rigorous process and we are happy with the families who understand this. We have been very successful at finding the perfect homes for our animals as a result of this rigorous project. All steps of the process are absolutely mandatory.

We just recently adopted a kitten and we would highly recommend the Avery foundation. Thank you Jenna & team for the smooth adoption. A special thanks as well to the foster family for letting us in into their home to meet the little guy. I am happy to report that "Scout" has found his happy home. All my son says now: "I finally got my cat"!!!