Fostering FAQ

What is the process to become a foster for The Avery Foundation?

In order to become a foster for TAF, you must fill out the foster application. Once we have received the application, we will review it and respond within 48 hours. If we agree that you are suitable for fostering, we will schedule a date and time to perform a home check and interview.

During this time we will sign the fostering contract and discuss the animal that will be in your care. If you have a roommate who is also interested in fostering, they will sign the contract as well. These three steps are important to ensure that we are placing our rescues in a secure and loving home. These steps are absolutely mandatory and non-negotiable.

For more information, please refer to our fostering process information page: click here.

What are the requirements to foster?

You must have a spare room, empty basement or large bathroom to isolate the foster animal from your resident pets, if applicable. This is required for up to 2 weeks just as a precaution for these reasons: if the foster animal has fleas, parasites, etc, and is given medication, they must be kept inside the room to ensure the health of your own pets will not be compromised, and to allow time for the medication to work. Isolating the animal will also give you a better idea about their personality. When they are kept alone, they will adjust to their surroundings and the space will give you the chance to introduce yourself properly and gain their trust.

Do I need to drive to be a foster?

Nope! We will do all the necessary transporting when required. We do require your cooperation when scheduling dates and times to pick up and drop off the animal.

What if I fall in love with the foster animal?

This happens (we call these ‘Foster Fails’)! We encourage our fosters to make sure that they want to adopt this animal, and to make sure they are not settling. If you feel like your foster pet suits your lifestyle and family perfectly, we are thrilled!

All you have to do is let us know about your decision and we will proceed with the adoption. Since you have already passed the required stages for fostering, you will be halfway to adoption!

What if my foster requires medical attention? Do I cover that?

Not to worry! The Avery Foundation will cover the costs of scheduled and emergency veterinarian visits. Otherwise, if there were a medical expense that was not previously discussed with TAF, we do not cover the cost.

What is your turn around time for finding homes?

To be honest, we never know. It all depends on the animal; their needs, temperament, etc. We will discuss the animal prior to finalizing the fostering agreement to ensure you are aware of the requirements. If there is a certain time frame you must commit to, we will do our best to place an animal that works with your schedule.

How does my foster get adopted?

Our animals are advertised on, Petango, Kijiji and through our social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We also hold several events and fundraisers throughout the year to showcase our adoptable pets.

We do screen potential adopters through our rigourous adoption process to ensure they are being placed in a safe and loving home. If we do find a family that is interested in adoption, we always advise the foster family of the interest of their foster pet and keep them updated throughout the process.

We allow the new family a week trial to help adjust the animal to their new surroundings and home. If the match is not the right fit after all, we retrieve the pet within the week and return the adoption fee. The animal then goes back into your care, the foster, until the perfect family is found.

If the adoption does work out, you have successfully helped in saving a life!

Can I foster more than once?

Yes, most definitely! Since you have already passed the steps to foster through TAF, your file stays on record and another animal can be easily placed back into your care. We always discuss the nature, behaviour, personality, etc of the pet before having them placed in your care.

If you prefer an animal that is similar to your previous animal (docile, calm, etc.) we will do our best to place a similar animal in your home.

Do I have to pay for food, litter, toys, treats, etc?

This is completely up to you. We will pay for all food and litter. That said, if you would like to contribute to the care of your animal financially, we will graciously accept. We have fosters who choose to pay for food and litter (more than 50%!) and some who don’t, it all depends on what you’re financially comfortable with.

Do I have to pay for veterinary appointments if I foster an animal?

No way! We cover the cost of all veterinary appointments. If you would like to help out financially, you are more than welcome to donate to The Avery Foundation; 100% of donations go to the care of our animals.

What happens if there is a medical emergency?

In the case of a medical emergency, we ask that you contact us directly and we will be there to help as soon as possible. As a TAF foster, you will be provided with contact information for multiple coordinators that will be available to assist you in these situations.

As a foster, if I have doubts about the potential family, can I voice my opinion?

We encourage you to do so. You are the main caregiver for the animal and the first person the potential adopter will meet when applying to adopt a rescue through us. If you feel the adopter is not suitable, please inform us discreetly so we can discuss the issue, and avoid a potential conflict.

Please think carefully about the situation before recommending we turn away any forever homes, we do not want to jeopardize a potential loving home for our pets.

I can't possibly say enough about The Avery Foundation, and specifically Jenna, for their hard work in helping find a new home for Mickey. I contacted them on Monday and by Thursday, Mickey was handed over to his new owners. We cared for him 5 years past the initial one week we were supposed to have him. He has many years left and is an amazing dog who will bring joy to his new family. He will be missed but we know he is where he needs to be. Thanks again Jenna!