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Basil & Parsley

  • Status Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee $400
  • Age 1 years old
  • Sex Female
  • Breed DSH
  • Size Small
  • Location Ottawa East
  • Gets along with Cats Teens
  • Training Litter trained

Basil and Parsley are best friends and will need to be adopted together.

Parsley (f, dilute calico)
Basil (f, tabby)
5 month old sisters.

Hi! We are sisters Basil and Parsley! We are both curious girls who love to explore and play. Our favourite activity is chasing the red dot as well as the wand toy but we also love our toy mice and other toys as well! We enjoy sitting on the top of the cat tower to look out the window and watching “videos for cats” on YouTube. We love the birds, squirrels and fish! We also love snuggle time and aren’t opposed to belly rubs. We are a bit shy around new visitors but in time will warm up to them too! My sister and I are both a little shy but warm up quickly. We’re both polidactyl so we have cute little extra toesies! And who doesn’t love extra toe beans!? Also because we have extra toes we make the cutest little clicking sound on the floor when we walk! Did we mention we also love our shakie treats (Temptations – chicken flavour)?

Parsley loves to snuggle up around your neck and enjoys just being close to you, she will also allow you to pick her up for short periods of time. Basil prefers to just snuggle on your lap. Basil will naturally take a bit more time to warm up to new people than Parsley but are both quick to show their affection and start purring literally within seconds.

Once you gain their trust they will show their love by rubbing up against you and purring. With just a tiny bit of patience these two will definitely steal your heart!

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