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Cleo & Callie

  • Status Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee $400
  • Age 11 months old
  • Sex Female
  • Breed Tabby
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Training Litter trained

Cleo is a laid back gal who enjoys sleeping in a nice quiet place for the day. Come evening, she’s ready to play and will always advocate for food! She enjoys head and back scratches but hasn’t decided if she likes her belly being scratched yet. Cleo is still a bit timid around people but loves to be around her feline foster friends. With a bit more socializing, she will continue to come out of her shell. She is selective with cats and will need a proper introduction with any new friends.

Callie is your stereotypical curious kitten. She likes to get into things, test boundaries, sit in boxes, climb vertical spaces, and play with her many toys. She dreams of being a professional food taster soon and is more than happy to sample anything you’re eating whether you invite her to or not! She has a very trained nose for food and will follow her nose right off a cliff if she smells food! Callie will come running over when she hears her toys and will play and jump forever until its time for a treat break. She also appreciates a good afternoon nap on a cozy blanket. She is currently working on letting people touch her and pick her up and is making great progress so far.

Cleo and Callie are a bonded pair looking for a quiet and child-free home.

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