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  • Status Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee $200
  • Age 2 years old
  • Sex Female
  • Breed DSH
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Prefers home without Children Teens
  • Training Litter trained

Marmalade is available for adoption to a quiet, adult-only home with another cat to provide companionship. She requires a patient adopter willing to provide ongoing socialization.

Marmalade has come a long way. She loves to sleep in dark places during the day, but by late afternoon she comes out to play with her feline foster sister siblings or sleeps out in the open on whichever comfy chair she can find. We have been working diligently to get her used to being touched and she has improved greatly since we started. She is happy to be petted or brushed while she is in her bed or while she’s eating, but she’s still a little unsure about being approached. Recently she has jumped up onto the couch to be brushed which was a huge milestone and shows that she still has a lot of potential to grow into a confident cat! Ongoing socialization for Marm would be to continue to push her boundaries by petting her while she eats and brushing/petting her when she feels safe and comfortable. Her body language is very readable and let’s you know when she’s feeling open to pushing her limits. We believe she will eventually start to seek out affection. We also recommend playing with her out in the open to encourage her confidence. She responds well to treats/food and we have even been able to teach her a basic trick.

Please note that our cats under a year and many of our adult cats have to be adopted out in pairs or into homes with another feline companion.

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