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  • Status Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee $225
  • Age 2 years old
  • Sex Female
  • Breed Tabby
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats Teens
  • Training Litter trained

Mwana is a strong-headed young lady. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and she will not hesitate to let her humans know! She is very vocal and loves to communicate with people through meows and loud purrs.

Mwana used to be a VERY shy cat, but she has worked hard and has improved immensely! Around new humans, she may give herself some space in another room, but if you are patient and allow her to go at her own pace, you will be lucky to see how social and loving she is!

She LOVES to be pet, especially on the face and chin. But she also values her personal space and will let her humans know when SHE is ready to be pet. She may shy away from human interaction when sleeping or while engrossed in a really good game, but soon enough she will approach any seated human for snuggle time. Mwana will let you know when she is ready for cuddles by meowing, purring, and rubbing up against you. Then it’s time to bond with Mwana!
Mwana is also a very playful cat. Her favorite games are chasing laser pointers, batting around jingly balls, and hunting sticks or string. She also likes to watch her sister Lilo play and will usually join in.
When not playing, Mwana loves to take long naps in the sun and snuggle up on plush blankets or pillows.

Mwana is looking for a patient, calm human to give her a home and help her grow into a confident adult cat. She has never been around children and is easily spooked by loud noises or rowdy people. Mwana may be happiest with another calm cat to offer her company and support.

Mwana is so excited to meet you!

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