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  • Status Available for adoption
  • Age 12 years old
  • Sex Male
  • Breed DMH
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Special Needs Yes
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Prefers home without Dogs Children Teens
  • Training Litter trained

Neville is a very loving soul. He is in his twilight years and needs a foster home that is quiet, slow-paced, and not too big. He likes being around people but has some mobility issues. He is slow moving but can speed up if required. He uses pet stairs to get onto the bed but can jump onto and off it if he needs to. His mobility is slowly increasing as his energy levels come back. A low litter box is recommended so he can get in and out easily. Fair warning, he will make zero attempt to cover! He also does not bathe or groom himself very much and is pretty stinky.

Here’s what we’ve been doing to help him:

-brushing with an old toothbrush to increase blood flow and get rid of loose fur
-warm, slightly damp cotton balls, cloths, or baby wipes to clean food residue from his mouth, paws, discharge from his blind eye, or leftover stool on bum
-a flea comb (or any narrow-toothed comb) to get any knots out or dried up food/dirt He is very demanding and makes himself heard with a loud meow.

Since he is blind in one eye he relies a lot on scent so we’ve found that he eats better from a clean dish with fresh food. If it has lost its scent it’s a lot harder to coax him into eating it. Meals are a slow process for Neville so we feed smaller meals several times a day (4-6 meals of wet food spaced out, with dry food always available). Neville is in early stages of renal failure and on a special k/d diet. He is not currently on any medications. He is also FIV+.

Neville loves people. He loves to snuggle close and sleep on your bed all night long! He loves being petted and is tolerant with being groomed and touched especially when he’s distracted eating. Just be gentle when doing so, since he doesn’t have the normal muscle or fat to protect him. He is also fine with being picked up, again just be gentle.

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