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Sea Salt

  • Status Available for adoption
  • Adoption Fee $200
  • Age 3 years old
  • Sex Male
  • Breed DSH
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Prefers home without Children Teens
  • Training Litter trained

Sea Salt is available for adoption to a quiet, adult only home with another cat to provide companionship.

Sea Salt is a two-year-old former stray. His black and white fur is as soft as a new kitten, and he has a cute little ‘bowl cut’ pattern on his forehead! He is extremely affectionate with other cats and takes his cues from them on who and what to trust. He is more likely to bond and trust with another companion cat around.
At first, Sea Salt was very shy. He was curious, but his apprehension usually got the better of him and he would keep his distance from people. However, once he got settled and comfortable, his playful side came out. He’s no longer a kitten but he still has lots of fun, playful energy, and loves to chase balls, toys, and the other cats all around the apartment.
As his confidence grew, he started to be more adventurous. He now likes to see what everyone else is up to and does not like to be left alone in a room or if there is a closed door. He will paw at doors to try to get them open especially if there’s a cat or person on the other side. He is finding his crackly little voice and likes to talk to his humans first thing in the morning. He also makes the sweetest chirps when playing chase with his feline foster siblings too.
Sea Salt is still a bit on the shy side and isn’t quite a lap cat, although morning pillow snuggles are welcome! He enjoys laying by a window, or in the middle of the room, and as long as he isn’t startled, he is more than happy to receive all the head pets possible. He’s still figuring out if he likes belly rubs.
Once Sea Salt learns to trust you, he will make a goofy, affectionate, and soft kitty sidekick to anyone willing to love him in return. He would be happiest with another cat he could look to for guidance and play. He has so much love to give to both people and other cats and every day shows this more and more.

Please note that our cats under a year and many of our adult cats have to be adopted out in pairs or into homes with another feline companion.

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