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Toph & Katara

  • Status Available for adoption
  • Age 2 years old
  • Sex Female
  • Breed Calico
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Training Litter trained

Toph and Katara are a bonded pair and are SPECIAL NEEDS.

Katara and Toph are the most affectionate pair you will ever meet! They enjoy being near people to receive cuddles. They like to play wrestle with each other but they always makeup and end up sleeping on top of each other. They will make their future adopter feel very loved!
Katara enjoys hugs, treats, and getting all the attention she can.
Toph is visually impaired (very minimal sight) and likes to have attention but would love if her new home has a backyard for her to explore around (on a leash). She gets to use her other senses outside and has learned to follow her foster mom’s voice when she is in unfamiliar areas.
Both Toph and Katara have upper respiratory conditions that need to continually be managed to help them lead a happy and long life.

Toph and Katara’s adoption fee is $0 because they likely have feline herpesvirus. There is a test for FHV-1 however, it is inconclusive; FHV-1 is a lifelong virus that causes upper respiratory. That being said they can still live long and healthy lives with proper preventative care and regular veterinary care. They are currently on an oral medication (Baytril), decongestant drops for their nose (Cerenia:saline). For a potential adopter FHV-1 would likely mean more visits to the vet clinic due to upper respiratory and proper preventative care like lysin (the immune booster) and etc. Toph also has several congenital issues. Although, Toph is visually impaired this does not slow her down. She is also on phenobarbital to prevent seizures.

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