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  • Status Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee $225
  • Age 1 years old
  • Sex Male
  • Breed DSH
  • Size Medium
  • Location Ottawa Central
  • Gets along with Cats
  • Training Litter trained

Liam is an incredibly energetic an playful kitten! He has a high pitched meow he used to get attention and food. He loves other cats and will be quick to make friends with any other cat that is happy to play fight and chase and run around. He is good at listening to other cats when they need space. He would do best with a playmate but another companion to show his around is very important. He is still a little shy of people. Once he knows that he can trust a human he is happy to receive pets and snuggle. He is even okay to be picked up!

He will follow his furry fiend around and once he is trusted has even been known to hop up on the bed and snuggle all by himself. He is very curious and crafty. If there is something he wants to investigate his cleaver kitty mind and kitten energy means he will eventually figure out a way. He is also very good at figuring out how to get toys, forgotten food, or dropped treats out from under things.

Because he is so small and probably won’t grow a whole lot more, we call him a perma-kitten. He has gorgeous big eyes and his fur is soft like a fleece blanket. His favorite toy is wool balls he can bat around on his own and them pick up with his mouth and move around and play some more.

Liam would prefer a home with another feline companion to help with his confidence.

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